No dev kit for Apple iPhone

It looks like Apple choose the only way they know to squash software developer complains about the iPhone... Marketing spin!

When the iPhone was first announced, Steve Jobs told everyone that the platform was closed to software development because he does not want 3rd party to crash your (or soon to be) shiny iPhone. Rightfully, software developer complained about this. Today, you can install new applications (J2ME) on most cell phones. It made no sense to have a phone as advanced as the iPhone not allowing one to install new applications.

So I guess, that Apple felt a bit of steam and needed to fix the situation. So we will be able to develop application for the iPhone... But Apple will still not gives any dev kit to do so. No, you will have to... write web applications! Yeah! The iPhone comes with Safari, so you can write web application (putting in a bit of Ajax would be better in Steve Jobs perspective) that will "run" on the iPhone. As we did not already knew that! I guess the greatest feature in the iPhone would be for the user to add a shortcut to your application so he can have a quick access to it. How innovative!

If only they were announcing that Google Gears was bundled so you can run you apps offline (or cache data on the iPhone to stay responsive), they it would be a nice announcement. I know that Apple can make any product look great, thanks to their marketing department, but this is really underwhelming! I'm sure they can do better than that!

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