re Otaku, Cedric's weblog: FireFox 2: Please fix this before it's too late

In a recent post Cedric complains about changes in the behaviour and layout of Firefox tabs. I find this a bit amusing... First the behaviour and layout is not that different from the past. And I don't really think its worth a post outside of the developer mailing list. For my part, I like the way the close button is now positionned as in my Firefox 1.5 configuration (using the Tab Mix Plus plugin), my tabs close button is already there.

But what I found amusing is the irony...

Cedrics works for Google... And recently, Google made a complete redesign of  Google Reader. Without any warnings and by changing a lot of stuff (and making several usability mistakes). I guess that Cedric is not working for the Google Reader team. We just have to follow The new user interface thread on Google Groups to see, that this was a much bigger usability blunder than the Firefox 2 one.

The good thing about these two blunders... is that for Google Reader, you can revert back to the old interface if you want to (at least for now) and you can change some Firefox 2 settings to get the old behaviour!

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