More 2007 Predictions

My significant other just told me that I just made prediction only for Java and Ruby. That with the 2007 Predictions title, I shouldn't have such a narrow field of predictions. So here are more predictions :-)

Strong weather all over the world

2006 was relatively calm weather wise. With the global warming having more and more impact on our environment, I predict that 2007 will break every record in extraordinary weather related events.

War in many parts of the world

War is going (continue) to rage in many parts of the world. Too many innocent will continue to die due to selfish leaders ambitions.

Civil liberties will continue to be challenged

Civil liberties in most developed countries will continue to be challenged. Mostly in the name of so-called security or war against terror. The fact is that all these actions against civil liberty reduce security and put more oil on the war against terror fire.

Love will still be in the air

Even if bad things happen to the world and it's population, love will still be a great driver in human beings. Even in horrible times (which I don't believe we are in) love always find it's way!

So this is it! More predictions!

Luv U Annie :-D

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