Apple finally announced the much rumored iPhone . The device really look nice and follow the thin is in concept launched by Motorola .

What's being announced is really cool. But I wonder about what's not being announced :
  • Java support : not a word on that. Granted, it run OS/X and Widgets but most phone today ships with Java. It certainly has the power to run Java,
  • What kind of CPU in inside this thing. If it runs OS/X it may be an Intel or a PowerPC... XScale like many other devices uses a different instruction set than Intel Pentium CPU AFAIK. So will I be able to run any OS/X applications? Guess not. No word on CPU speed either,
  • How much memory (beside storage which will be 4G or 8G)?

I also guess that the various sensors that are in the device will eventually have more uses that just dimming the screen, detecting rotation, etc. Will they be easily accessible by application developers?

I guess we will have to wait until this summer to get more details.

One last thing! Which carrier will they choose for Canada? The device is GSM which mean the only choices are Fido and Rogers (which are just two brand for the same carrier). Most of the time Rogers has the coolest phones, but I hope it will also be available on Fido.

Anyway at 499USD, I cannot say that's it's cheap. But it does seems to be a nicely done convergence device.

UPDATED: I forgot to talk about GPS functionality. Adding this would make it the ultimate convergence device. Maybe they'll announce that next year!

It is also kind of funny that they waited for the iPhone to put Bluetooth in their iPods.

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