Chased by the statically typed ghosts

It looks like statically typed ghosts are out there again. They like to chase the Poor little dynAmiCally typed Man. Most of the time, the ghosts run faster than the little Pac-Man but their bloat makes them crawl when they turn corners or go in tunnels. Little Pac-Man goal is to clear the level in the most efficient way. Little Pac-Man has some special features to help him mind his business. For each level that he has to go through, he can use specials pills. These pills allows him to open up the ghosts and mixes in some different behaviour into the ghosts. De-routed by this ability, the ghosts turns blue. Little Pac-Man understand that this power comes at a certain price, this is why he uses it sparingly and do not abuse it to eat the ghosts (unless he knows he can eat them all in one shot as this will make him score big-time!) as they will quickly return to their static behaviour. As we can see in the picture, it takes four (4) ghosts to take on Pac-Man.

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