Oracle buys Sun!

So it looks like Sun got a few billion more from Oracle than what they rejected from IBM. What could be said about IBM acquiring Sun could be also said about Oracle... At least, regarding software.

Is it a better thing having Oracle buy Sun instead of IBM... On the hardware side, it certainly is. On the Oracle announcement page, they clearly said that they will integrate Sun Hardware with their software to package complete solution.

On the software side, Solaris will continue to thrive. Oracle doesn't have any OSes. Java? I do not fear anything bad for Java, and if they do something bad, at least it is open sourced now and can be forked.

On the database side, I guess that MySQL will not be killed. Oracle have their on database, but MySQL can easily fit into their low end offering, even if MySQL can compete on the high end. They will probably integrate some of the Oracle SQl dialect into it so costumer can migrate more easily. They will probably also integrate MySQL dialect into Oracle to also easy that migration path.

On the app server side, I think it,s a bit less clear... But Glassfish is not really a significant competitor to any other app server on the market. They may keep it as the JEE reference implementation, but if they want to cut cost, they may aswell salvage part of it and let the rest die.

Overall, I think I prefer Sun to be acquired by Oracle instead of IBM... But Oracle has less interest toward open source than IBM, so it will be interesting to see how the merger will proceed and what will happen to Jonathan Schwartz who defined Sun's open source strategy.

The next few month will certainly be interesting.

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